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Salúd Juicery Offers a Variety of Juice Cleanses to Boost Your Health

By / Photography By Ashley Mclaughlin | June 01, 2015
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Salud Juicery

To add an extra boost to your health, think fast. “There are a lot of books and scientific research that back up intermittent fasting,” says Salúd Juicery owner Ginny Corbett. “Juice cleansing floods the body with micronutrients and enzymes, allowing the energy normally used for digestion to be redirected to the skin, brain, liver, and other neglected areas. This is good for our bodies and our gut health, and it promotes longevity.” Many of Corbett’s customers at her Sewickley and Shadyside locations opt to do a three-day cleanse. “Typically, you get the best detoxing properties,” she says. “On the second day, your body is still ridding itself of the sugars and suppressive foods. After the third day, you can really feel a difference.”

Salud Juicery
Salud Juicery

Salúd offers two full cleanses, a custom cleanse, and a partial cleanse for you to choose from. Corbett recommends six juices per day, drinking one every two hours with plenty of water in between. You can enhance your cleanse by incorporating dry skin brushing, soaking in an Epsom salt bath, tongue scraping (with a sterile copper scraper), and oil pulling. If you find your stomach grumbling in between bottles, Corbett recommends quieting it with a good fat. “If you’re doing a partial cleanse, do what ‘clean eating’ is to you,” she says. “Try an avocado to curb your hunger.” Should you choose to embark on a true detox experience, your body will begin a healing journey to renew itself after years of consuming processed foods and being exposed to environmental toxins. “When your body is detoxified and in balance, you feel energized and mentally sharp,” Corbett explains. “You’ll feel like you just woke up from a restful nap.”

Ginny Corbett of Salud Juicery
Ginny Corbett

Salúd’s new Rainbow Cleanse is quickly becoming a customer favorite. The series features the Scarlett O’Hara, made with beet, carrot, ginger, lemon, spinach, kale, apple, cucumber, and spirulina; Jane Good’All, made with orange, strawberry, peach, banana, and coconut water; Spicy Lemon, made with lemon, cayenne pepper, agave, and filtered water; Smilin’ Irish, made with organic spinach, kale, apple, lemon, and cucumber; Pom-Cha-Cha, made with spirulina, pomegranate, apple, and chia seed; and Blueberry Cashew Blender, made with cashew, agave, blueberry, cinnamon, nutmeg, and filtered water.

For custom cleanses, choose from a variety of additional superfoods and supplements, such as toasted flax, espresso, cacao, maca, oats, and bee panacea!

Salúd Juicery, 348 Beaver St., Sewickley. 412.259.8818. 733 Copeland St., Shadyside. 412.683.1064. saludjuicery.com.

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